Thank You for reading my blog. My name is Lynne, and i’ve been married for just over a year now. Like many brides, I spent hours of my free time researching and looking for appropriate venues, great food, great entertainment and most of all the right dress for the day. However, it turns out that fate had a very different wedding day planned for me than what I could have imagined. My husband being the practical man he is decided that all the fuss and bother of having a day solely dedicated to the two of us was impossible with the budget we had. So we ended up on a Sunny morning on 4th October 2015 marrying at our local registry office with a very small group of 4 people watching us legally bind our lives together. He promised me that when we had the funds I would get a handfasting event that celebrated not only us as a couple but the joining of our two families.

I thought about all the time couples plan one of the highlights of being together. The Mail online said that couples spend a combined time of over a month planning their wedding with the average engagement being 16 months from proposal to wedding day. I thought if I created a blog it could help those whom don’t have that time to spend trawling the internet and magazines to find all the information they need to create their personal day. This is my first blog, so if you have any questions or suggestions please use my contact me section.