Green Weddings : Paper Flowers

A new trend for paper flowers in not only the table decorations but also full bouquets. We all have made paper flowers for our Easter bonnets in our primary school years. The internet has several articles about how to make your own paper flowers for your eco-friendly wedding. However, is this gorgeous art form with delicate flowers more or less eco-friendly than fresh cut flowers you find in the organic, hand tied meadow bouquets we have seen over the previous years. The simple answer is YES!

But, before you get your craft on remember a few simple truths. Making all those paper flowers is going to not only cost you in terms of money but also time.  The answer is sites such as; this site operated by Rebecca offer a bespoke service. Look on her site and you will see her amazing creations with brooches and bows. I was fortunate to get a interview with this artist.

Question: What made you enter the wonderful world of paper flowers?

Answer: I have been making paper flowers since I was a child, I loved being creative. I first thought about paper bouquets when I was planning my own big day and saw a couple of people out there making them but it all seemed very similar and I wanted to be different, I think every bride does which is why I offer a completely unique custom design service with a range of over 20 style of flower to choose from in over 100 colours not to mention books, comics, patterns etc.

Question: What is your personal favourite flower to create?17198636_1467706996606856_1048741073_n

Answer: My personal favourite flower to make would be the ‘Garden Rose’ its super popular with my brides too, its a timeless classic.

Question: What is the most elaborate flower that you design?

Answer: I’d say all hand pressed blossom is my most elabo
rate flower, each one is hand pressed then with a bead hand threaded and the secured into little clusters, it very time consuming but really makes a bouquet stand out with the extra wow.

Question:Do you add any perfumes or essential oils to your bouquets?

Answer: The bouquets are left scent free, I did toy with the idea of perfuming the paper or adding a little sachet within the handle for a fragrance but perfumes are a very personal choice. I think the beautiful thing about my paper bouquets is that because they are scent
free it allows the bride to mist her bouquet in her own wedding perfume, which she can continue long after the wedding for that perfect little sensory reminder of the big day.

Question17198800_1467708373273385_65022958_n: What types of paper do you use in your designs?

Answer: I use anything in my bouquets! Sky is the limit! I have used comics, books, maps, gift wrap, Japanese origami paper, Disney books, photographs, the list goes on and on. I try to meet any request the bride makes so almost anything goes.


Question: Do you dye your own paper? If so what do you use to dye it?

Answer: I do dye some of my own paper for certain flowers like the hydrangea and the rolled rose, it gives a wonderful life like effect. I use a light paint and finger dab to get the desired effect.

As you can see from the images, this company is able to offer a bespoke service with choices for everyone. If you want to contact Rebecca, go to her website: or her Facebook page: or if you want to give her a quick initial message at:

So if you don’t feel that you could craft all those beautiful flowers yourself, fear not companies such as Rebecca’s can help you make these creations for your bouquets, table centerpieces, buttonholes, decorations ect.

If you are crafty and feel that you have the time and skills there are plenty of websites that offer tutorials and instructions so that you can create your own bespoke flowers for your wedding and receptions. These are just a few of them:


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