2017 Wedding Dress Trend: Capes!

This year has so much choice when it comes to bridal dresses. This means that anyone can find something that suits them as an individual. Last years’ designer dresses came with capes and this is what this blog entry is going to focus on. Capes for years have been seen as just an autumn/winter accessory to the actual dress. The first type of cape I’m going to talk about is the medieval/gothic handfasting dresses. A great example of this is this dress from YourDressmaker on Etsy.com. The cape on this type of dress serves a cool purpose. The handfasting ceremony is a traditional pagan wedding which has been around s
ince 1200 BC and was completely lawful up until 1563. The il_570xn-556371955_fmx6cape in this case is to cover the brides’ and grooms’ head until they enter the circle and reveal themselves to their friends and the priest and priestess. Pagan handfastings have become more popular for couples whom have looked for an individualistic wedding.

The second type is the winter faux fur or crushed velvet wedding cape. This is mainly to keep a bride warm and offers a nice way to frame a brides’ face for cool pictures on the day. These are normally full length and taken off just after the bride enters the indoors venue.

hot christmas winter wedding color palette ideas inside Winter Wedding Dresses ideas Awesome Winter Wedding Dresses ideasDesigners such as Julian Alexander and Alberta Ferretti have included capes in their designs for those ladies whom either need something to keep them warm or those who use them to cover areas they wish to disguise on the shoulder and upper torso area.

The 2017 trends offer a silk, satin or lace cape with is normally lightweight and can be various lengths from shoulder length to full length and everything in between. This trend can also add colour and the fun factor to a brides’ outfit. This trend can be mixed into other trends this year such as pastels, vintage and separates.


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